June '08 Front Page

Living Mysore Magazine
June 2008/Issue #6

The LivingMysore project is all about connecting, sharing, celebrating, and learning from other ashtanga yoga enthusiasts. We are trying our best to scout out interesting events, ideas, people, etc., representing "voices of the ashtanga world". From yoga newbie, to advanced practitioner, we feel that everyone has something of value to share that we can all learn from. Even outside of the practice, ashtanga yoga people are diverse in their interests and cultures. So please, if you have something to contribute, whether they be ideas, articles, $$, photos, movies, etc., let us know!

Many thanks,

Elise and Michael

We humbly dedicate this project to our Guru, Sri K Pattabhi Jois, without whom, none of this would be possible. Thank you!

In this issue:
Activism: "What is so smart about Smart Water?" By Diana Christinson
Go Green!: "Spring Cleanse" by Elissa Scott
Food: "Eating Eden" by Wendy Green
Mysore Highlight: Operation Shanti Benefit raises US$ 6,000" by Michael Peter Carter
India: "The birth of Purple Valley" by Annie Gurton
Mysore Experiences: "Medic in Mysore" by Reena Aggarwal
Movies: "Enlighten Up! An Interview with Kate Churchill" by Elise Espat
Projects: "Project Ashtangini" by Elise Espat
Interview: "An 'authorized' interview with Taran Bhattal" by Michael Peter Carter
Interview: An 'authorized' interview with Faith Scimecca" by Michael Peter Carter
Pregnancy: "Richard Freeman, Roshi Joan Halifax and more on practice while pregnant" by Catherine Harris
Ashtanga Artists: "Pop Yoga" by Russell Case
Practice Notes: "Inner Asteya" by Jeff Lichty
Practice Notes: "On yer knees" by Dan Shuman
Snapshot: "Urdva Padmasana" by Michael Peter Carter

Photo courtesy Maria Caetano by Pedro Pinheiro

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This is great, dont know why its taken me so long to find it. Keep it coming.