June '08 Snapshot

By Michael Peter Carter

Photo Title: "Urdva Padmasana"
Photographer:  Pedro Pinheiro

The Story:
This month's snapshot feature is a series that our readers have enjoyed a great deal. They are 3 black and white photos of Maria Caetano taken by her nephew (who is a year younger than her), Pedro Pinheiro.  

Pedro is an exceptional photographer, we really encourage you to check out his work on flickr. Maria lives in Lisbon, and works in advertising. She has been practising consistently for the past seven years, including a trip to Mysore in 2006. Maria practices with Tarik at Casa Vinyasa and absolutely loves it. She says "it's completely a part of my life whether or not I'm doing it daily..." About the photo shoot, Maria says "It was a lovely experience, I didn't feel strange at all and the result was indeed beautiful".

Michael Peter Carter is the co-founder of Livingmysore.com and practices with Paul and Rachelle Gold in Toronto, Canada.

To view more photos, visit our flickr practice gallery.  To contribute your Ashtanga community photos please email us at livingmysore at gmail dot com. 

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