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Spring Cleanse
By Elissa Scott

Although it seems the weather hasn’t gotten the memo yet, spring is here and it can be a great time of year for a cleanse. Maybe you’ve experienced cleanses or have heard of other people who are on some type of a cleanse kick. A dietary cleanse for a week or two, eliminates the naughty stuff, like stagnant energy and toxins which are moved from the body, really clearing things out. Well the same thing goes for our homes. Spring is the perfect time to move the old energy out and invite in the fresh, new and positive, through a healthy, external cleanse. 
Basements tell a big story, and this is the place to start when cleansing your home. What’s under the surface? Is your hidden chaos lurking below in a catch-all space?

It can be a metaphor of what you are hiding from yourself and others. This is where we bury all that messed up energy we don’t want to look at. It’s the physical reflecting inner thoughts and emotions. Positive change will happen in your life when you get all of the unwanted junk out of your house and get that flow going. Chances are if it’s hidden away in basements, cupboards, closets and drawers, you don’t need it. The ‘stuff’ represents a negative charge (just like a battery) and you can donate various, trash some or recycle a few of the useless items. Just think how appreciative someone will be who can really make use of your cast-offs, blessing the lives of others. 

So what is down there? Hmmmm…. It can be pretty overwhelming! Boxes of mystery stuff, shelves of dried out paint cans, obsolete electronics, orphan furniture, all laying waste in that vast graveyard below grade. Okay, so it’s not the funnest job to tackle. Why not make it entertaining? Invite a girlfriend over for a wine and cheese basement clean up party. Throw a movie in the laptop and take it downstairs with you, crank some music or just listen to the TV as you ruthlessly sort through all of the useless items. You can even pay the kids to take the challenge with you. Even if you only take on fifteen minutes a day, it all makes a difference. Plus, be happy about cleaning out the pit. It’s not a bad thing….it can be exciting! Guaranteed you will feel lighter, cleaner and more refreshed. 

Here’s what to do. Start four piles, one is garbage, one is blue bag recycle (like paper and glass), one is to donate to a second-hand store pile and the last one is for the Eco-station, for old paint cans and computers (check out their website for a complete list of items). Taking unneeded paint to the Eco-Station is free, but for commercial painters, they have to pay to return paint cans. So next time the painters are at your house, offer to take the cans to the Eco-Station for them, that way you can be sure they don’t end up in the landfill. 

Hire out someone with a truck, borrow a friend’s trailer, or take small loads in your car. It is a great help on the environment as well, by being mindful of where to send the things that no longer serve you. Now you have a blank canvas downstairs, for organized shelving, a kids play area or a new office! Whatever your fresh beginnings are you will have more room and peace of mind. 

Elissa Scott is a Home Design Expert, Columnist and Featured Guest Speaker, specializing in eco- chic renovation and new construction. For all of your design needs, please visit: www.gruuvyroomz.com or call: (780) 484-6880 in Canada, or Los Angeles, USA (310) 486-1324.

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