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March 2008/Issue #3

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Ashtanga Artist "Yoga Sutra Collages" by Luke Cassady-Dorion
Mysore Highlight "Doron Hanoch at India Song House"
Go Green "Green Wedding Décor" by Elissa Scott
Seva "A Conduit for Love" by Tracy McDonald
Health "Happy Headstands" by Sheryl WaltersFood and Recipes "Eat more chocolate" By Milosh RodicFun Stuff "Kino MacGregor Videos"
Snapshot "Leena Kinger in Kapotasana"
When visiting India, it can be challenging (at best) to see the scores of stray dogs roaming the streets. It is hard to know how to help. Many are compelled to feed and even adopt some of these dogs, and happily, a few of these stories have ended on a positive note. That said, it is more common for these animals to become dependent on people who are transient. In the saddest cases, students have adopted dogs for short periods, only to re-release them onto the streets when they leave for home. It is not a bad thing to want to help, but it is important to think objectively about how much of a commitment you can make. We write this in light of the recent passing of one of the “shala dogs”, known with affection as Rat Dog.

This photo of Rat dog was submitted with love by Sarah Case and Rich Peterson.

Livingmysore Magazine has certainly grown in the last three months! Thank you readers and contributors for your continued support. This project is all about building the Ashtanga yoga community, so please feel free to contact us with your ideas, feedback, writing, pictures, etc.

Elise and Michael
The Livingmysore project is dedicated to our Guru, Sri K Pattabhi Jois.

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea rat dog had passed. I loved that dog even though he tripped my once and I landed on my knee and limped for a long time. He was always a hoot to see outside the shala. Peace RD!