July '08 Fun Stuff

Mysore Movies by Paul and Rachelle Gold
by Elise Espat

The day after I landed in New York after my 24-hour journey from Mysore I'm sitting in a cafe in the "Village" with a good friend sipping chai and picking at a bowl of fruit.  Outside the window are taxis, manicured poodles, and halter tops.  Inside the window, there are grapes and strawberries nestled in my fruit salad.  

"So, what is India like?" My friend asks.  

"Um, I don't know...you take everything you see outside and erase it, then put 'India' in its place."  Like anything else, it's all the little details that make Mysore special.  In the fall of 2005, Paul Gold filmed these short videos which capture everyday street scenes in Mysore.  

"Nalpak's used to have a location on D. Devaraj Urs Road where my wife, Rachelle, and I were taking breakfast one day.  The cows just appeared out of the blue and meandered down the road while traffic swerved to accommodate them." 

"This movie was filmed one morning after practice while we were milling about, drinking coconuts, etc. It captured their robust energy and excitement. A nice tribute to Rat Dog and a good memory of Burrito who is now happily living in California."

Rachelle & Paul Gold have been to Mysore many times over the past eight years and have been authorized to teach by Guruji since 2004. They run Ashtanga Yoga Shala in Toronto (http://www.ashtangatoronto.ca).

Elise wishes there were more cows walking around the streets of New York.

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