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Healing Waters in the Home
By Elissa Scott

If you are looking for ways to make your home a spa-ritual retreat, be sure to add water as a part of your decorative elements. Healing water can be visually, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually relaxing. It has no fixed shape yet adapts itself into whatever conditions it flows into. Water is the very essence of life and a part of everything, while connecting us all…without it we would die!

The significance of water is symbolic in religious practices. In baptism, water is for cleansing, rebirth and protection with the sprinkling of holy water. The elixir of water is also a symbol of abundance and prosperity in Feng Shui. Water in the form of tears represents cleansing and emotional release.

At home, add a water filter for drinking, cooking and even bathing, to clean your water of any toxins. With the skin being the largest organ, it absorbs many pollutants from regular tap water. In the bathtub, add therapeutic mineral salts for rejuvenation, a time-honoured tradition of the 'Kur baths', a centuries old ritual from Europe, of 'taking to the waters'. Epsom salts and a natural essential oil like a lavender or citrus can also be invigorating in your tub. Modern soaking trends include 'chromo-therapy', or coloured lights, which can elevate the spirit. Ruby red rose petals peppered in the bathtub add fragrance, visual appeal and a touch of romance! Experience the sound of soft music and crystals to enhance the mood; whatever resonates with you.

Float beeswax or soy candles in the bathtub, an urn style vase or bowl, during a party.

Bring indoors the natural calm of a cleansing downpour of water, with a rain shower head in the bathroom. This large sunflower head is available in the trendiest colour; oil rubbed bronze. For eco-friendliness, low flow shower heads and toilets help on the water bill and the planet.

Soothing decorative water fountains are good for the soul to hear calming water, an oasis, fading out the outside world's noise. Just be sure not to place fountains in the bedroom as they can increase worry, according to Feng Shui. Do include pictures and photographs of water that represent nature or favourite vacations you've experienced. Images of water can bring us back to that calming mental place we would rather be in. Include colours of water through paint or accessories, reminiscent of lakes and rivers.

Similar to fire, watching water moving is mesmerizing, magical and transformative. Whether you love the intensity of icy water rushing down a mountain waterfall, the rhythmic rolling of ocean waves rocking us to sleep or a quiet pond without a ripple, water affects our spirit. Include that feeling into the surroundings of your home.

Elissa Scott is a Home Design expert specializing in eco- chic alternatives.

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