May '08 Fun Stuff

Danny Paradise at Om Factory NYC...
By Elise Espat

"If you look into the real roots of yoga..., the yogis were anarchists, freethinkers on the outskirts of society because of their (let's say) increased perception...So that's the tradition you're in--you're in an anarchistic tradition and its going to take you further and further out of the regular order of things. The idea of yoga is to get you off the wheel of life and get you to be able to increase be aware that you're aware that you're aware that you're aware...When your mind is agitated, that has repercussions; there are certain effects that happen.  When you slow down your mind and increase peace and contentment and harmony, your health and vitality has that effect on your immediate circle as well..."

"Danny Jumps Back"
I think video, Danny demonstrates how to jump through and back. Yoga teacher, Simon Park, is in the foreground.

More videos to come!

Visit Danny's website at
Videos taken by Elise Espat (mysoremusings).

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