Feb '08 Snapshot

Photo Title:
Catherine in Dwi Pada Sirsasana

Photo link: Catherine in Dwi Pada
Photographer: Eric Andronaco
The Story:
"The dwi pada story for me was a funny time when I spent ten days in China with my brother while he adopted a baby girl. We had a wonderful time together taking care of the baby in hotel rooms while all the paper work got sorted out. My brother runs, so each day we would trade off. He would run for a while and then return and shower and I would go down to the hotel gym and do my practice. I always felt like the hotel staff was watching me and this was right during the Falon gong trials, so I became afraid to look too extreme in my practice. For some reason, pretty much every day when I got to dwi pada, a few of the staff would pop their heads around the corner. I started leaving it out. I love the pose because it seemed so impossible to me to balance in that position when I first started. I would try to figure out how to lift into it from yoga nidrasana. Its now quite comfortable, though I aspire to the long legged ease of the woman on the cover of the Ashtanga NY dvd. It embodies an impossible moment made possible through practice. Who would ever think of balancing on your sit bones with your feet behind your head? Its like believing in six impossible things before breakfast. (Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll)"

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Catherine Harris lives, practices, and teaches in Albuquerque, New Mexico. See Ashtanga Yoga of Albuquerque's website by clicking here: http://www.ashtangayogaabq.net/.

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