Feb '08 Mysore Highlight

Ashtanga Artist Doron Hanoch
With contributions by Doron Hanoch and Elise Espat

Excerpted with permission from Doron Hanoch’s show entitled “Elements of Body – Photo Installation”

Digging in the earth,
Changing color
Stones at my back
I see another figure
Another color evaporating
From the sun sand of a
Golden night
Feeding the skin with white
Flour with no water
Flowing with light
Star dust mixes with mud
Sorrow arises
The waves are biting me
Asking to join
Elements of water and body
Surrendering to the power
Letting go

On the eve of the new moon in February, Ashtanga artist, Doron Hanoch, will be featuring his Photography at the Indian Song House in Mysore. “Elements of Body - Photo Installation” is an investigation of Doron’s deep interest in understanding the human condition, a fascination with the power of the human mind and love for beauty. “The body is an outer manifestation of our mind and instinct, a poetic image: beauty comprised of its form and the energy it reveals,” Doron explains. Creating work that combines the body figure, movement, and intimacy with the emotion revealed by the body are staples of Hanoch’s work.

Doron’s first visit to India was in 1992 where he was also introduced to Yoga. Since then he has returned to explore this great country and spiritual teachings it offered, while exploring the way of Zen in New York. While practicing various Vinyasa classes Doron found a Mysore class, and made it his primary asana practice, a root. Changing locations, schedule and jobs, waking up for Mysore practice has always remained. He says, “Feeling gratitude to the many teachers on the path, happy to share and guide him through this beautiful path.”

Doron talks about life in Mysore:
“Practicing in Mysore is a real treat. Sharing the space with so many dedicated students, people from around the globe all saluting the sun with the same inhale. The famous coconut stand, or any of the lovely places to eat are also a bit like the French café’s where discussions about Yoga, life and the meaning of it all take place, a living lab of human potential. Riding the motorcycle through Indian life, arriving to the small and powerful room where Narasimhan sits in his simple white cloths and sparkling eyes surrounded by books, teaches philosophy and explains the yoga sutras. The simplicity of life, the unbelievable capability of scooters to carry anything, the colors of saris, smell of incense, chai and spices, cows and crowds managing to share, all this and more make the Mysore experience a special one.”

Doron also photographs the body for fashion companies, dance, yoga and art projects, always striving to show the body’s inner glow. In India, he continues his work on the human condition: Exploring people food and practicing Yoga.

To view more Hanoch’s work: http://www.doronhanoch.com/

Elise thanks Doron and John for making this possible! When not in India, she practices in New York.

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