Jan 08' Snapshot

Photo Title: The Gang at Tina’s

Photo link: the gang at tina's
Photographer: Michael Peter Carter

"While in Mysore, Ashtanga students can give back to the local community by getting involved in volunteer projects. This photo of volunteers planning the day’s lessons was taken at Tina's in the summer of 2007.

Tina is loved by Ashtangi's around the world because she has taken care of so many of them with her great cooking and loving smile! Her generous spirit inspired dozens of Ashtanga Yoga students to teach English at a local high school during the summer, which had a very positive impact on the lives of local youth. Tina runs one of the most famous breakfast spots in the Ashtanga community serving up delicious food six days a week. The next time you are in Mysore, be sure to enjoy one of Tina's awesome coconut dosas and take some time to give back to the community that gives us so much!" -Michael Peter Carter.

This was the most popular photo on our website in December 2007. To contribute your ashtanga community photos please email us at livingmysore@gmail.com. To view more ashtanga photos, please visit our photo gallery at www.livingmysore.com.

Michael Peter Carter is the co-founder of Livingmysore.com and practices with Paul and Rachelle Gold in Toronto, Canada.

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