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Who we are
LivingMysore Magazine is a community-based project aimed at bringing together the voices of ashtanga practitioners worldwide. We try our best to publish once per month and to be objective about the content that we publish. We try to select content that might be of interest to students of ashtanga yoga and will possibly spark discussion and dialogue (so please comment). All our authors practice ashtanga and speak from his or her own experiences. Any opinions expressed in these articles are those of the authors, and are published in good faith that the information is factual and of the author's own creation.

We are happy to announce an open call for article submissions for LivingMysore Magazine! All ashtanga students are welcome to submit articles and ideas to livingmysore@gmail.com.

Submission Guidelines:
In terms of topics, all articles should be ashtanga-inspired. This is an ashtanga collecitve, after all. All students of ashtanga yoga in the tradition of Sri K Pattabhi Jois are welcome to contribute. Unfortuntaley we cannot offer any payment for contributions at this time. Hopefully this will change soon!

Thanks to our contributers!
Annie Gurton
Anne Nuotio
Bill Brundell
Brian Chase
Dan Shuman
David Huggett
Elise Espat
Elissa Scott
Hollie Carter
Jaye Fox
Kimberly Williams
Kimmo and Ulla
Katie Gehn
Kristi Holmes
Lara Lauchheimer
Laura Olsen
Lauren Cahn
Lisa Laler
Maria Caetano
Michael Peter Carter
Miriam Kalk
Nathan Enzminger
Philippa Asher
Tracy Mcdonald
Zainab Zakari

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